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Iron Squid II Grand Final preview25/01/2013

It is time for the final four
<b>Iron Squid Grand Final</b><br/>

The crowd will go wild as the action gets crazy but is there anything that can shake the final four of their game? MarineKing, Life, NesTea and DongRaeGu are all great champions used to be on big stages with thousands of people cheering for them. Only one can win on Saturday though, and he will become the second Iron Squid champion.

MarineKingPrime Vs. StarTale.Life

As the only non Zerg of the tournament, the crowd might have a soft spot for MKP. The Terran has been impressive in TvP recently but his TvZ in Iron Squid was more concerning. When facing Life, having a stellar TvZ is strongly recommended and therefore MKP might be in troubles. Life is on rampage mode for months now and as he just showed in his GSL group on Tuesday, nobody seems able to slow him down. MKP has the advantage of only having one match up to prepare but TvZ is hell of a match up. Life is the favorite to take it all and it would actually be a real upset to see the 15 years old be forced out in the semi finals.

MarineKing vZ: 60.10%

Life vT: 54.09%

History: MarineKing 6-5 Life


LG-IM.NesTea Vs. MvP.DongRaeGu

Two Zerg legends are facing each other in the second semi-final. Although both had their era of domination, NesTea reign was longer and more prolific winning three GSL titles. DRG only has one but has something lacks: international titles. As the oldest of the old guard, NesTea picks the tournaments he plays wisely and when he decided to accept Iron Squid’s invite, it was aiming at nothing but the win. With two other Zergs in Le Palais des Congrès, NesTea’s shot at the title looks actually pretty decent. DRG has his say in this though. For his first time in Paris, DRG who has looked very impressive all Iron Squid long will give his best to win and if he does succeed to MMA it would be another story between those two.

NesTea vZ: 70.37%

DongRaeGu vZ: 64.31%

History: NesTea 2-4 DongRaeGu


Beyond the semis

As said before Life is the one everybody expects to win, but Soulkey has proven that his ZvZ was not bullet proof. The crowd will probably favor MKP for not being Zerg and NesTea for making it back to Paris in spite of having to play PartinG in the Round of 16. It really looks like the professor Tea has a plan for Iron Squid and even if the odds are against him, he will surely be ready for whatever comes to him.  NesTea has always had trouble in ZvT, therefore he might be rooting for Life to win and finally hold an international trophy, thanks to the outstanding ZvZ that helped him to build his legend.

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