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The Grand Finals24/01/2013

The details until the D-Day
<b>The details for the Grand Final</b><br/>


On Saturday it will be Iron Squid II’s grand finals and here is what you need to know about the event. The stream will - as usual – be available in three languages: French, English and Russian and will start at 10.30 am CET, and sincerely, you do NOT want to miss the opening Ceremony.

After Le grand Rex for its 1st Chapter, Iron Squid grows and will take place in Le Palais des Congrès for the 2nd Chapter. This venue has a capacity of 3700 seats - already sold out – and is often used to welcome ballets.

To host the stream, Iron Squid is really happy to welcome Soe. She has proven at many occasions that she is both entertaining and game savvy.

The Swiss will be assisted by the French professional player and game analyzer ToD and Reis who will be once again a quality translator.

Iron Squid’s casting dream team will be in Paris to cast the final games of the tournament. Day9, Kaelaris, Khaldor and Wolf will all come to Le Palais des Congrès.

Since French and English casters will be interacting with each other on stage, you should be introduced to the French casting team.

The Pomf & Thud brothers are joined by the famous French pro player MoMaN as well as Anoss. Their cast is known to be dynamic and passionate and they will do their best to make the crowd go wild over the amazing games of the finals.

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In addition to French and English streams, Igor will be casting it live from Moscow.

To help you waiting until the 26th, the second part of the AfterSquid has been released where you will be able to watch the interviews of Mr Chae, Khaldor and a visit of the TSL house with the interviews of Polt and Symbol.

The videos are available on the "videos" tab of this site.

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