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Iron Squid is calling, 32 of the best players around the world are gathering to fight to become the Iron Squid. MMA raised the trophy the 1st edition who is going to be the 2nd Squid who will rules the 7 seas.
3rd Qualifier pour NA server
Chapter #2 - Qualifier EU
Chapter #2 - Qualifier KR
Twenty world class players divided in four groups of death so as to be one of the four top progamers qualified to play in front of over 2,500 spectators in Paris. The $12,500 rewarding the 1st place in addition to the awesome trophy will motivate the players to give their best and show some epic games.
With the announcement of the invited players, the tournament became more important to the world. As a result almost all the good players that had not been invited tried to qualify through the second qualifier, making it one of the toughest tournament ever. The games were casted in three languages and not very surprisingly, Koreans dominated as Korea was the only nation represented in the top8.
The first chance to qualify for the Iron Squid was filled with great players from the whole world. Even some Korean teams sent their players to compete and try to win the slot in the competition in addition to the $500 for the winner. Among them, TSL and Prime players fought fiercely to come out as the winner.