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Iron Squid Chapter 1 - Finals
ViewrzEdit your favorite micro moves, and share it with your pals!
tdonatti05/16/2012 5:42 AM
Videos from the FINAL are all privite. Please fix it.
SugarGuy05/18/2012 10:53 AM
Hey guys at Iron Squid, thanks for those great videos, but it would be greater yet if we can watch the final's battles, please make them available at least to registered users, thanks
superJudas05/18/2012 6:53 PM
Please please fix it, I want to see the finals.
Eskimo06/09/2012 5:36 AM
Why is this the only match we can watch?! You're leaving out the best part!
superJudas06/30/2012 4:32 PM
We can only watch 1 game from the Finals, can somebody please fix this? Is somebody reading this at all?